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Finals ISBT tour 2011 in Plaza Bowling Reims Thillois

Champions of the ISBT tour 2011 FINALS: Ron Oldfield (UK) and Jan Hodge (UK)

Again Ronny scored a second PERFECT game in the 2ndgame of the last round of the finals. It is his 24th official perfect game.


Division Men:

  1. Ron Oldfield (GB)
  2. Andre Geelen (BE)
  3. Chris Vandamme (BE)

Division Women:
  1. Jan Hodge (GB)
  2. Jan Steiner(GB)
  3. Angie Brown (GB)


Champions Jeneverstad tournament 2012

[[23]] Image29 Image31 Image30

Scratch division

  1. Martin Spoelstra
  2. John Bosch
  3. John de Vries

HCP Men division

  1. Mario Diepgrond
  2. Leo de Vos
  3. Malcolm Symonds

HCP Women division

  1. Yvette Murrath
  2. Jeannet van Wijk
  3. Anna Yang

French Senior Open in Lomme:

Image26 Image27 Image28

  1. Chris Vandamme (BE) Champion
  2. Jürgen Preuss (DE
  3. Frank Stander (GB)
  1. Liliane Vintens (BE) Champion
  2. Angie Brown (GB)
  3. Petra Duplois (DE)
Tournament Host : Bruno Bequart.
Report by Tony Brown.

Charley Blom

Image22 Rouwkaart / funeral card / Karte

With great sadness I must inform you that Charley Blom Thursday, September 8 at 18:30 is deceased.

Mit großer Trauer muss ich Ihnen mitteilen, dass Charley Blom Donnerstag, 8. September um 18:30 Uhr verstorben ist.

Avec une grande tristesse que je dois vous informer que Charley Blom journée de jeudi, Septembre 8, à 18h30 est décédé.

Senioren-treff Duisburg

See here for the tournament results

Radschläger Turnier sept. 8-11, 2011

info tournament

Image19 Image18 Champions in Brussel Senior Open

- 1st Barbara Karnasch (DE), 2nd Marie-Louisa Carola (BE), 3rd Brigite Fievet (BE)
- 1st André Geelen (BE), 2nd Brian Wilkins (UK), 3rd Bill Goldwasser (BE)
- Result lists in Brussels

50+ Master Tour in The Netherlands

Keith Howes and Tineke Meerbeek Champions: Keith Howes (UK) and Tineke Meerbeek (NL)
After 15 stops, 84 Men and 44 Women were invited to play the Dutch finals on sunday aug.14th Keith Howes (UK) played a number of these tourstops and was invited to play the Finals.
In the Qualification rounds, Keith and Tineke qualified, where 10 men and 6 women played for the championship.

Schiedam Senior Open 2011

Report by Tony Brown Dutch Senior Open 2011.pdf
application/pdf - 0.0kB

Final results

Image12 Image10 Image13 Image11
The tournament has ended and we have the final results:
First place women: Petra Duplois
First place men: Ron Oldfield

First three places for the women

  1. Petra Duplois (DE)
  2. Jan Hodge (GB)
  3. Barbara Karnasch (DE)

First three places for the men

  1. Ron Oldfield (GB)
  2. Andre Geelen (BE)
  3. Dan Ahlquist (SE)

Latest news

Schiedam Senior Open RESULTS

First 300 game !

Image14 The 1st 300 game is bowled by Petra Duplois (DE) in the 1st game of the RoundRobin !! Certicate

[[8]] Top Women : Jan Hodge (UK) 1717, Dan Ahlquist Top Men : Dan Ahlquist (SE) 2031 (Ave. 241 scratch!)

Sonica Photo Team

Bettina Lund
Alex de Vries
Hermann-Otto Israel

Pictures SSO 2011 Wednesday
Pictures SSO 2011 Thursday
Pictures SSO 2011 Friday
Pictures SSO 2011 Saturday
Pictures SSO 2011 Sunday (final + Price ceremony)

You can order Pictures. Mailto:teamsonica@gmail.com

Sie können Fotos bestellen auf Mailto:teamsonica@gmail.com

Oil pattern

Download the oil pattern:

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SchiedamSeniorOpen 2010

The organizing team of the Schiedam Senior Open thanks you for your participation and hope to see you again next year.

TalkTenpin Video's
Pictures SSO 2010 Wednesday - Friday
Pictures SSO 2010 Saturday + Party
Pictures SSO 2010 Sunday (final + Price ceremony)

Ron Oldfield (UK) and Liliane Vintens (BE)
Schiedam Senior Open champions

  • 2nd place Jan Hodge (UK) and Dan Ahlquist (SW)
  • 3rd place Angie Brown (UK) and Chris Vandamme (BE)

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