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International Seniors Bowling Tour

13th Dutch Senior Open 2018
August 1st - August 5th

12th Dutch Senior Open 2017

Dear bowling friends,
On behalf of the entire organizing team we want to thank you warmly for your participation in the 12th edition of the Dutch Senior Open. It was our great pleasure to welcome you as a player and as our guest.

Bea, Bettina, Paula, Jon, Ruud, Manolito, Jos, Jan, Niels, Cathrien, Henny en Ad.

CHAMPIONS : Kimberley Oakley (GB) and Ron Oldfield (GB)

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Champions :
  • Kimberley Oakley (GB)
  • Ron Oldfield (GB)
Image108 Division Men:
  1. SRon Oldfield (GB)
  2. Hermann Wimmer (DE)
  3. Crister Danielsson (SE)
Image109 Division Women:
  1. Kimberley Oakley (GB)
  2. Liliane Vintens (BE)
  3. Nel Tel (NL)
Image110 Image111

See you next year!

Congratulations to All winners.

Tournament Pictures ( by Bettina Lund )
Report Tony Brown

11th Dutch Senior Open 2016

Champions Steven Jeeves and Martina Beckel

Image107 Champions :
  • Martina Beckel (DE)
  • Steven Jeeves (GB)
Image106 Division Men:
  1. Steven Jeeves (GB)
  2. Hermann Wimmer (DE)
  3. Uwe Tscharke
Image105 Division Women:
  1. Martina Beckel (DE)
  2. Angie Brown (GB)
  3. Marianne Pelz (DE)
Image104 Image103

Congratulations to All winners.

First 300

In the 9th squad, Ulf Löngrenn scored in his 3th game a perfect game. His total score over 3 gms 789 !!

The first two series are completed.

The first two series have been played.In the men's section is now leading Giorgio Desimio (BE) 1812 followed closely by Gino Di Giorno (NL) in 1801 and Valentin Fatu (RO) on the 3rd place with 1788. All a reasonable chance of a finals place
In the women's section Liliane Vintens (BE) is in the lead with 1708 followed by Farida Pascoal Blom 1576 and 3rd place Petra Westerhof 1562

Squads 4 and 5 are now also played.

Roger Pieters has taken the lead with a score of 1962. Giorgio and Gino are thereby respectively 2nd and 3rd place. Robert Vallons is fourth with 1794 followed by Valentin Fatu.
In the women Remains Liliane on top. 2nd place is occupied by Kimberley Oakley to score a total of 1603. Farida thereby drops to 3rd place.

Squad 6 is played.

In the men section there has been a substantial shift in the rankings. Roger Pieters (BE) remains in the lead with 1962 Followed by Keith Hodge (UK) 1860 and Patterman Raimund (AT) 1818. This moves Giorgio and Gino respectively down to the 5th and 6th place.
In the top of the womens rankings there were no changes changes after this squad.

Pageant in Squad 7

Squad 7 saw a few players take over the top of the mens rankings.
Kalle Gaiser (DE) now tops the list with a total of 1984 taking over the lead from Roger Pieters by 22 pins. Steven Jeeves and Keith Hodge follows with a shared 3rd place scoring 1860.
The Women's Gabi Brandes (DE) 1592 entered the 3rd place followed by Yvonne Randell (IR) 1583. Farida is now 5th.

Vincent Wuylens the man of squad 8

In Squad 8 Vincent Wuylens puts up a great score with a total of 1931. ( 256, 224, 278, 263, 196, 220, 243, 235. That was good for third place in qualification or first place in the scratch rankings with 239,38 average. On the women’s side Giesela Insinger had the best score of the squad, but not enough to qualify for the next round.

First 300 game of the tournament for Ulf Lönngren in squad 9.

In de third game Ulf Lönngren shoots a 300 game that brought him to a 3 game pinfall of 789. When the dust settledd after 8 games Ulf was best of the squad with a total of 1846 good for 6th in the general ranking. Steven Jeves did his best to book the second 300 of the squad but was stopped in the 11th frame ending with a spare. His total of the squad was eventually 1679 but that was 117 pins shy of replacing his own earlier score on the board.
In the women’s division Paula Visser made a good run with a score of 1621 putting her in second position after this squad.

10th Dutch Senior Open 2015

Dear bowling friends,
On behalf of the entire organizing team we want to thank you warmly for your participation in the 10th edition of the Dutch Senior Open. It was our great pleasure to welcome you as a player and as our guest. I also want to express our gratitude on behalf of Henny and myself for the gifts we have received for the 10th anniversary. It was a real surprise. We will put it to good use.
Of course, the registration for the next year is open and again many players have already registered. If you want to sign up and have not already done so, please let me know by e-mail or through the website.
With kindly regards,
Bettina, Paula, Bea, Jon, Henny and Ad.
Our lane marshals Manolito, Patrick and Marissa.

Champions :
  • Martina Beckel (DE)
  • Carlo Greulich (DE)
Image100 Division Men:
  1. Carlo Greulich (DE)
  2. Ron Oldfield (GB)
  3. Steven Jeeves (GB)
Image101 Division Women:
  1. Martina Beckel (DE)
  2. Marianne Pelz (DE)
  3. Angie Brown (GB)

Congratulations to All winners.

Tournament info 2014

Champions of the 9th Dutch Senior Open 2014
Farida Pascoal Blom and Carlo Greulich

Image94 Image95 Image96 Image97 Image98 Image99

Tournament results 2013

Image77 Image80 Image85 Image81 Image82 Image83 Image84

Champions of the Schiedam Senior Open 2013
Martina Beckel and Carlo Greulich

Barry Eason opens with a PERFECT game in his 2e game !!
Carlo Greulich succeeded with a 2nd Perfect Game in the RoundRobin.

Our CHARITY this year is "Sophietje" of the Friends of Sophia, Sophia Children's Hospital in Rotterdam. Film 1 Film 2
Unsere CHARITY in diesem Jahr ist "Sophietje" der Freunde der Sophia, Sophia Kinderkrankenhaus in Rotterdam. Film 1 Film 2
Notre charité cette année est «Sophietje" des Amis de Sophia, de Sophia l'Hôpital enfants à Rotterdam. Film 1 Film 2 Cheque Sophia Kinderziekenhuis Image86

Pictures tournament
Report by Tony Brown

Tournament results 2013

Final results 2012

The tournament has ended and we have the final results:
Champion division women: Marianne Pelz
Champion division men: Carlo Greulich

First three places for the women

  1. Marianne Pelz (DE)
  2. Barbara Karnasch (DE)
  3. Angie Brown (GB)

First three places for the men

  1. Carlo Greulich (DE)
  2. Barry Horn (DE/USA)
  3. Christer Danielsson (SE)

Final results 2011

The tournament has ended and we have the final results:
First place women: Petra Duplois
First place men: Ron Oldfield

First three places for the women

  1. Petra Duplois (DE)
  2. Jan Hodge (GB)
  3. Barbara Karnasch (DE)

First three places for the men

  1. Ron Oldfield (GB)
  2. Andre Geelen (BE)
  3. Dan Ahlquist (SE)
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